Battery Care


To get the best out of your electric bike battery it is important to know how to look after it. Charging and care are the two most important factors when looking at the life and service of a battery.

Promovec; Danish designed e-bikes

Batribike use Promovec electric system and Lithium-ion batteries for their bikes.

All of their batteries are certified to UN38.3. This is a worldwide legal requirement for battery safety and charger compatibility.


electric bike battery

The battery cases come in several different styles. The battery can either be “hidden” or disguised on the bike, or fitted to the frame or rack. However, the internal cells and battery management system is the same, just packaged in a slightly different way.


There are a number of factors that affect the performance and hence the range of your electric bike. Terrain, riding pattern, tyre pressure, user weight and temperature all play a part. Time is a factor too, all batteries deteriorate with time, whether in use or not.

Obviously, if the terrain is hilly, you are likely to use more power. Also, the surface you are riding on can make a difference. A smooth tarmacked surface takes less effort. A softer surface, such as sand, or a loose substance like gravel takes more effort. Keeping tyres pumped up makes a big difference because soft tyres have more rolling resistance and drag. Tyres pumped to the correct pressure will give you more miles from your battery.

In general terms: If you are somewhere where it would be hard work to ride an ordinary bicycle, then it will probably use more from the battery on your electric bike than easier conditions.

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