Electric Bikes and the Law

The law regarding electric bikes for the use on public rights of way in the UK and the EU is now very clear. Electric bikes (EAPCs) should conform to EN15194. Please note that the legislation regarding electric bikes in Northern Ireland differs to that in the rest of the UK.EN15194Electric bikes can enjoy the same rights as ordinary pedal cycles as long as they meet the latest regulations. The latest EN15194 regs. say that:- The cycle must be fitted with pedals that are capable of propelling it. The maximum continuous rated power of the electric motor must not exceed 250 Watts. The electrical assistance must cut-off when the vehicle reaches 15.5 mph.Furthermore, subject to the Road Traffic Act in Great Britain:- EAPCs must not be ridden by anyone under the age of 14 years. Electric bikes that conform to EN15194 do NOT require an MOT, road tax or a licence.


How are throttles affected by Electric Bikes and the Law? First of all you can still have throttles but they can only be used to 4 mph (6kph). Secondly, throttles can still be used up to 15.5 mph (25kph) but only whilst the pedals are turning.As a result there is a change to new “Twist and Go” vehicles from January 2016. These bikes have to meet a range of technical requirements before they can be used on roads. This will normally be established by “type approval” at the manufacturing stage. Importers and individuals will be able to seek an individual approval for vehicles that have not been type approved.

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