Corratec E-Corones Elite


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Corratec E-Corones Elite 56cm

This ebike is the perfect training device for beginners and former sports enthusiastic roadbike cyclists who want to come back to training after a longer break. But not only the sports aspect is an important advantage of this bike. The fact that the weight of corratec ́s e-roadbikes stays under 15kg opens many new possibilities of usage.

The corratec e-roadbikes are powered by the Fazua center engine „Evation“, which supports with 250 W and up to 25 km/h. The biker can choose between four different levels of assistance or no assistance. Without motor and battery unit, the e-roadbikes of corratec can be driven like traditional roadbikes with an added storage bag.


With our new e-roadbike range we offer all facets of roadbike cycling. For the sporty cyclist who speeds up quickly and likes to compete with stronger ones, the E-Corones is the perfect choice. For the Commuter area or all those who love adventure over rough and smooth we have developed the E-Allroad.

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